Alright this page will explain the basics of combat.


During your turn your hero and your squad are each allowed to move and perform one 'action' before their turn is over. Yoru squad though follows you, unless you're a tactician, in which case you can move them independantly.


To attack, you simply do a contested roll, the offense rolls d20+[average ACC] and the defense rolls d20+[average AGI], if the offense wins they hit, and then roll their damage roll, which is based on the number of Physical damage units attacking or the hero's weapon.

Damage is done based on your weapon that you used. and then adding your mods from yoru stats to it. So lets say you have 7 Strenght with a d6 physical weapon. The damage woudl be d(6+1)+(STR/5) So d7+1. Also every unit attacking gets to roll So if you ahve 3 units like that it'd be 3 d7+1.


To attack using magic, Do a contested roll the Offense rolls a dAcct and the defence rolls a dAgi at 75% Then roll the damage roll which is based on the hero spell or number of mage units attacking

Sacrificing unitsEdit

If a hero is nearing the end of her life < one of her units can bravely sacrifice themselves to take the killing blow in place of there leader, that unit is lost forever.

Leveling upEdit

When you level up there are a few things you earn

  • Every level you gain 5 points to distribute between Strength Vitality Spirit, Accuracy, and Agility.
  • Every 5th level you gain +1 movement