Become a leaderEdit

Here we explain how to make a hero character

You get 30 points to put into you stats


Strength: Your Physical Damage( every 5 in there stat adds +1 to your damage roll Every 7 adds a D1 to your Physical Attack)

Spiritr: Your Magic Damage ( every 3 adds a +1 to your damage Every 5 adds a D1 to your spell damage)

Vitality: adds directly to your base health

Agility: your ability to dodge

Movement: ( your class movement plus +1 for every 45th level [level 5 lvl 10 lvl 15 levle 20] )

Accuracy your aiming

Basic ClassesEdit



Starting hp:40

Combat style:offensive Melee Range 1-2

Base Movement 4

Equipment All weapons All armor aside from Plate

Special type Weapon, Aura

Tactics: Bull Rush

Can Dual Wield

Can use Massive Weapon


Warlord 4

Starting Hp 25

Combat Style: Defensive Melee Range1-2

Base Movement 6

Equipment Must use 2 handed weapons or Weapon and sheild, all armor

Special type: Weapon, Formation

Tactics: Sheild Wall

Can use Massive



Starting hp 15

Combat Style: Scout Range1-3

Base Movement 10

Equipment Knife, Short swords short bow Cloth, leather, Hide

Special Type, Stealth, Trap

Tactics: Ambush

Can Dual Wield


Cleric 2

Starting hp 10

Combat style: Defensive caster Range 1-5

Base Movement 4

Equipment Shield, Mace, Cloth leather Hide, Chain

Special type: Healing; holy

Tactics: Tower, Rescue



Starting Hp 8

Combat Style : offensive Caster Range 1-5

Base Movement 6

Equipment magic Staff, knife, wand Cloth ;leather Hide

Special type: Elemental, Summon

Tactics: Barrage


Advisor 3

Starting hp 4:

Combat Style: Tactician

Range: any of the above ( must pick a set)

Base Movement 8

Equipment: Elemented Fan Battle fan, whip, cloth, leather

Special type :Any of the above ( must pick a type)

Tactics: Any of the above, Invite