Squad Limit ExplainationEdit

Here is where you learn about your followers, Your squad. Who are they, what are there abilities, do they like Sake of Plum Wine.. now Every one usually gets a squad, but there are limitations to who gets how many.

Unit Allowance
Hero class Unit Limit
Fighter 1-2
Warlord 2-4
Rouge 3-5
Cleric/Mage 4-7


Unit ExplainationEdit

There are Several Units that you can get your hands on all with there own ups and downs, what you use is all up to you

Basic UnitsEdit

Note that when the squad is made of different units you average the acc and agi between them for attacks and dodge


Doll soldiers 2

This is your standard unit type: the soldier is easy to train, recuit, buy, and use.

Hp Per Unit: 10

Attack damage Per unit: d10

Rate of attack: once a round

Range 1




Doll Archer
Your basic ranged physical attakc unit

hp per unit: 7

Attack per unit d6

Rate of attack once per round

Range 1-5

Acc +6

Agi +3


Fairy mage
Your Earliest Magic units

Hp Per Unit:5

Attack Damage per unit d8

Rate of Attack:once per round

Range 1-5

Acc+ 6

Agi+ 4


Healer miko
Earliest healer unit

Hp Per Unit: 2

Attack per unit d3

Healing per unit d5

Rate of Action once per round

Range ( Melee) 1 ( spell) 1-5

Acc +2